DREDRUM – LoFi digital sounds for Eurorack



Dredrum is handmade Eurorack 8-bit 3-voice lo-fi percussion module:

– 3 voices

– selectable 8-bit waveform for each voice (sine, square, saw, noise)

– 3rd voice switchable to click (only one waveform period)

– infinite sound with decay pot turned fully to right for pseudodrones

– available with TRIG input or GATE input

– audio processing 8-bit/15.625kHz

– AVR ISP for software upgrades / hacking



– pitch

– pitch envelope (sweep)

– decay

– level

– click switch for voice 3

– play button

– voice selection buttons

– waveform selection buttons

– jumper to bypass output AC coupling capacitor resulting DC coupled output



– 5V trig (or gate) input, 100k impedance



– audio output (-2.5V – 2.5V AC coupled, 0V – 5V DC coupled)



– 10pin-16pin Eurorack bus cable


Module width: 10HP (50.5mm)

Panel: 2mm

Module safe depth: 20mm

Power: Eurorack +12V (30mA) or any 7-12V DC power supply (or battery!)

Power connection: 10pin


Dredrum is also opensource, so you can build it yourself! :)

You can find source code, schematics and PCB design here in Dredrum GitHub repository: https://github.com/buranelectrix/dredrum



Dredrum waveform expamples




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