BURODRON – classic drone synth



Burodron is Buranelectrix version of classic NAND drone synth.

Starve is used for Main control and sets speed of whole drone.

Drone sound is created by two synchronised oscillator pairs, pair A and pair B.

In each pair first oscillator is gating second oscillator.

First oscillator in each pair can be switched to 1x or 10x speed.

Both pairs can run independently, or second pair can be gated by first pair (SYNC).


Burodron comes in handmade oldschool type case, unit has own serial number, and different backlight colors. So every unit is completely unique!

Currently there are 8 original Burodrons existing in the whole world, and this number if finite, because I am out of that vintage material Burodron’s case is made of.
So lucky you 8 people, owning your Burodrons!

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